Drew Sanders


Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Drew joined the Army directly out of high school. His entire life has revolved around Physical fitness, teamwork, and selfless service; So Crossfit was a natural fit for him. The Competitive atmosphere and camaraderie were what appealed to him, and are what makes him stay. After training troops for over 10 years; Drew knew right away that coaching others in Crossfit is where he belonged. He is rough around the edges, and will not let you make excuses; but you can see that his “tough love” is because he genuinely cares about his athletes.

“Henry Ford got it right when he said “wether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right”. So it is my job to prove to my athletes that they can; even when they are convinced that they can't” Seeing people become instantly more confident when they do something that they never thought they could do is what motives him most.


CrossFit Level 1