Jimmy Violand


Jimmy Violand started his talented fitness career at a very young age. He started baseball, karate, and tennis early and quickly decided that football was going to be his passion. He started playing football in high school, 135lb newbie and never saw the playing field. While in his first year sitting on the bench he realized that he had to get BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER to play at this level. Once the season ended, he devoted his every once of free time to developing his skills and throwing weight around every chance he got. Once a 135lbs little shrimp, Jimmy graduated high school at 250lbs of pure muscle and went on to become an All- American left tackle at Shepherd University.

Jimmy got into CrossFit after much convincing by his fellow coworkers saying that he would be good at it but it would be a good workout. First WOD ever was Kelly, 30 WB, 30 BJ, run 400 meters five times. He thought to himself looking at the whiteboard, " this doesn't look too bad, it will take me 20 minutes." 36 minutes later, he was hooked. CrossFit was going to be his new passion.

Along with CrossFit, Jimmy is a Physical Therapist Assistant. He was on the 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Games Team. In his spare time, he enjoys snatching heavy- everyday.