Established in 2007, we opened the original CrossFit location in the Baltimore area, and we were the 112th affiliate in the world! (There are 10,000 and counting now.)

The 12 Labours concept is a new one for the functional fitness space. The brand denotes a commitment to professional excellence, member flexibility and heights of preparation. Previously three different facilities: CrossFit Annapolis, CrossFit BWI and CrossFit Syndicate (Columbia) have developed an ownership group that will strengthen the collective and set the standard for the Maryland region.

One Membership. Three Locations.

Memberships at all 12 Labours Locations are now one. If you belong to one location, then you belong to them all. And in keeping with the spirit of the brand, members can choose their preferred location to practice. You are always welcome at any of our facilities.

What are the 12 Labours?

The brand "12 Labours" is derived from the mythology of Hercules, who had to travel the world over 12 years to complete 12 versatile tasks — modal domains, if you will. Intended to be a list of impossibilities, Hercules completed the tasks. His virtuous struggles enabled him to become the embodiment of the Greek notion of Pathos (which translates into "what happens to a person" in life).

Pathos is the experience of virtuous struggle and suffering. It led Hercules to fame and more importantly, eternal health and immortality.

Our Mission.

At 12 Labours, we serve the needs of our community through exceptional coaching, ongoing education and information. Our deepest intention is to lead people to fulfilling their highest potential in life.

Our Philosophy.

At 12 Labours, we believe wholeheartedly in the CrossFit training methodology not because we think it's the latest fad, but because we believe it’s the most efficient and effective training protocol available. Through the utilization of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, we are able to unlock new potential for any and every individual. Every day our coaches see members of the 12 Labours community become more and more interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and get more out of life.

Our Community.

Whether you are a child, teen, grandmother or a world-class athlete, we help EVERYONE discover their inner-athlete. That's hard to find in the isolation and redundancy of training at the local “Globo Gym.”

Within 12 Labours, we work together as a team — not only the coaches, but everyone. Our goal is to help you reach your goals! We all work together to push and encourage each other. At 12 Labours, our community is filled with inspiring and motivational people. Come on out and play!

We're "that place" where what you do matters.

We have witnessed what CrossFit is capable of doing for people — it can transform lives. We've seen our members go through amazing transformations, not only physically but mentally, as well. We take a huge amount of pride in being "that place" for people — the place where something important within happens for them.


We are “that place.”

That place where you go that makes you forget about a tough day at work.

That place where people high five and cheer when you’ve reach a goal or a new PR.

That place where friends are happy to see you come and sad to see you leave.

Where it feels like home away from home and the people inside become family in their own way.

Where, no matter how long you’ve been away, whenever you return, it feels like you’ve never left.

Where when the constantly varied part of life — known as change — happens, we pull through and strive to be better than we were yesterday.

That place where when you walk through the doors you have the opportunity to be the best "you" that you can be.

And that exact person is who you are whether you are in “that place” or not.

Go there, to "that place." Go often and work hard…wherever "that place" may be.


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