Take a stand for your health, your life

“I can say, hands down, I am in the best shape of my life.”


At age 23, Irwyn was 330 lbs. and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He knew he had to do something for his health, but the path was not entirely laid out. Irwyn found CrossFit in 2010 after trying multiple other fitness programs and diets but to little avail. Until then, he had relegated himself to strictly cardio style workouts, with little weight training elements. But since 2010, that hasn’t been the case. Irwyn participated in a nutrition challenge a few months into his CrossFit journey and 6-weeks in, he was able to stop taking diabetes medication. Since then, five years later, Irwyn hasn’t needed to take these medications. His fitness journey continues, and his initial fight for fitness is now a chase for more.

Irwyn is also involved with Faith’RX Baltimore, sharing his faith with others through CrossFit.