The new cycle of progress

"I figured this would be like everything else."


About Hari:

Hari joined 12 Labours CrossFit expecting to quit after a couple months. He knew he wanted to do something for his fitness, but would continually try something and eventually lose interest. After one year with 12 Labours CrossFit, Hari is down 15 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, and was told by his doctor that he is “In perfect health.” His training has also inspired family activities. His kids are active members of CrossFit kids and he now bonds with his son by participating in community 5k races.

Fitness is a process, and that process can be scary to start, and it can be intimidating, but it is also extremely rewarding. Whether it’s getting into the CrossFit groove, making new friends, or putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, the coaches, staff, and athletes at 12 Labours will support you every step of the way.