AJ Shishineh


AJ was born in the Midwest and moved to nearby Montgomery county nearly 20 years ago. Although he didn't play many sports other than little league and rec basketball, he always enjoyed staying active and the typical globo-gym workouts.

His view on fitness and nutrition drastically changed when a friend introduced him to CrossFit...."hey, let's do a workout here at the beach house...". At the time, it seemed impossible without a bench and a treadmill. The "WOD" was: 10 rounds of sit-ups, squats, and push-ups...and as they say, the rest is history. He continued CrossFit on his own for a year but did not see significant progress until joining a box and cleaning up his diet. It sounds cliche but CrossFit has changed his life - from the great friends to everything discovered about himself.

From learning double unders during the 2011 CrossFit open to competing on a CrossFit Regionals team in 2012, he believes hard work and a great community make any goal achievable.