Dan Taylor


Dan started doing CrossFit in January 2011 while on a temporary work assignment in Central Florida. Being in a new location, he decided to check out a local box and was immediately hooked on functional fitness. Finally, there was something to fill the void after High School and College sports. He loved the atmosphere and feeling of community that had been lacking in traditional Globo Gyms.

In June 2011, Dan moved back home and joined CrossFit BWI. He loved the energy and the coaching staff, there were so many great knowledgeable coaches on hand to instruct and inform. Dan enjoys seeing people reach their goals and transform their bodies. He loves seeing people accomplish what the thought they could not. Dan likes to take fitness outside of the gym. He’s an avid mountain biker, snow-boarder, and loves being in the ocean & chasing hurricanes up the East Coast in late summer. He loves seeing everyone to put his or her fitness to use, get out there and play!

Favorite Movies Include: Predator, Commando, Cliffhanger, Tango and Cash & 80’s Arnold & Stallone flicks


CrossFit Level I and II Trainer

CrossFit Strongman Trainer

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Juggernaut Powerlifting Clinic