Emily Schelberg


Emily works full time as a Nurse Practitioner in Sports Medicine when she’s not rocking the 6 am classes at BWI and Annapolis. Emily is a former Marine Sergeant, Division I track athlete from Penn State, and nutrition geek. She has been involved with CrossFit since 2011, and began coaching and competing right after college.

Emily believes CrossFit is an excellent way to provide engaging and transformative fitness to her community, and wants to pursue her interests in helping others reach their personal health goals. Emily LOVES coaching morning classes, and believes there is no better way to begin the day than getting your endorphin rush from a WOD.

Emily’s passion is nutrition science, and she is currently the Head Nutrition Coach at 12 Labours. She offers nutrition counseling to help you attain your fat loss, endurance, or competition goals. Her main focus is to provide fun, engaging, high quality instruction to the 12 Labours community.


CrossFit Level 1