Megan Kennedy

Lead Coach

First things first: Megan loves CrossFit – the community, the competition, and the fact that there are no limits to self-improvement in this Sport of Fitness. Since Megan started CrossFit in January 2012 she has been able to redefine herself as a person and an athlete. And she views it as a true privilege to be able to coach others, as a way to pay it forward to the people walking through the gym doors each day. Her number-one goal is to be a motivational force for people to want to be great at CrossFit, regardless of how “greatness” is defined by each individual — whether this means putting in the extra work to get that first unassisted pull-up, or setting a personal record in a benchmark workout like Fran. Megan loves seeing people show up every day with smiles on their faces, regardless of athletic background or skill level, ready to improve themselves and encourage everyone around them to do the same.

She believes that people come into this community and very quickly realize that something they once thought was impossible, is actually very achievable. Coaching allows her to push people to work hard and achieve their greatest potential.

Certifications & Accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 (November 2012)
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
  • 2nd Place Team Superfit Richmond 2013
  • Division III college lacrosse, 2-year captain