Tyler Tom


Hailing from Michigan Tyler has been involved with contact sports since his teens. Having played football all through his middle and high school days and rugby throughout college, he was always told that a critical component to athletic success was solid fundamentals on the field and quality time with the iron off.

Adopting those practices for life he eventually ran into the wall that many do when at the globo gyms, grinding routines of weights, hours of cardio, and no real progress. In 2009 a close friend introduced Tyler to CrossFit where he was then introduced to "Tabata" squats and found he couldn't walk the next day. Crippled and confused he was now addicted.

Tyler credit's CrossFit with reshaping his understanding of fitness and health and is excited to help others become better, faster, stronger.

In addition to having been on a CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional team, Tyler makes one of the best chocolate chip cookies known to man, seconded only by his mother’s.


CrossFit Level 1