Welcome to the 12 Labours Nutrition Page

You’ve already taken steps to improve your fitness, now it’s time to improve your overall health.

Our team is lead by Nutrition Coaches Emily Schelberg and Erin Ferner.


Our Mission:

Provide you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your fat loss, endurance, or competition goals.

Our Theory:

Learning the ins-and-outs of nutrition should be fun, engaging, and valuable.

Our Tools:

No nonsense, evidence based, scientifically supported nutrition support for a lifetime of healthy habits. We don’t diet! We coach you to eat WELL!

  • One on one, couples or family nutrition counseling with body composition analysis using BodyMetrix ® state of the art ultrasound technology to help you reach your daily nutrition goals.
  • Unique programming to support your weight loss, muscle gains or endurance endeavors.
  • Individualized template on what to eat at which meals and when. Specific macronutrient calculations and macronutrient timing based on your personal fitness goals for both workout and rest days.
  • Seasonal group challenges to support community growth, foster new relationships and to spark positive conversations around nutrition.
  • Evidence based and diligently updated material presented in monthly seminars on a variety of ever-changing topics ranging from healthy fats to supplement efficacy to healthy performance enhancement.

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