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12 Labours Event: Muscle Up Clinic Recap

In the CrossFit world, the muscle up is as recognizable a skill as double unders or butterfly pullups. These movements require a bit of gymnastics understanding and body awareness. This past Saturday, August 9, 2014- Coach Brad Weiss led BWI District, Annapolis District, Columbia District and members of surrounding CrossFit affiliates through the 12 Labours Muscle Up Clinic. Participants learned various elements of this movement and attempted the new skill.

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It began as a conceptual idea. Brad mapped out the progression of the muscle up- from grip, drills, and styles of muscle up.

"We're going to build the muscle up from the ground up," Brad explained. "Your grip, positioning, pull and finish are all elements that we can isolate and work on before putting the entire thing together."

The group spent time working on false grip and strict muscle ups followed by non false grip and various transitions. Another important element was differentiating muscle ups from pull ups.

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The magic happened when everyone started putting the pieces together. Five clinic participants got their first muscle up- followed by a PR of cheering. There's something indescribable about learning a new skill- especially new CrossFit gymnastics movements. Multiple attempts and repeated coaching cues can get frustrating, but that all becomes worthwhile once a successful rep is completed. Sometimes, it just takes a little extra attention to a skill to help every element 'click'.

That's the purpose of the 12 Labours Clinics: spend time detailing specific skills- utilizing small groups that can work together, encourage each other and help each other learn.

A huge congratulations to everyone who got their first muscle up this weekend and to everyone who made improvement. We look forward to inducting more members into the muscle up club.