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12 Labours Nutrition Challenge: Fall 2015

As summer winds down and the season begins to change, it's time to reevaluate our goals and where we are vs. where we want to be. One element of that is your nutrition. We're bringing the 12 Labours Nutrition Challenge back this fall with some exciting updates to the program. You'll still be responsible for following certain stipulations, and recording your results, but we've revamped the system.

We bring you: The 12 Labours Nutrition Challenge.

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The 12 Labours Nutrition Challenge is focused on habits: breaking bad ones, and creating new ones. This isn’t a strict “insert-popular-diet-name-here” challenge, this is a “make-healthy-choices” challenge that focuses on nutrition education, food selection, and overall wellness. We are focused on building your personal health template to encourage healthy food choices beyond the 28-day program and empower you to better understand your own diet.

You make the commitment. We’ll help you hold to your word.

Once you register for the 12LNC, we’ll arm you with information.

The beginning: “Food 101” lecture. This is open to all members! (9 AM- 10AM)


Here, our Nutrition Coach, Emily Schelberg, will walk you through the basics of nutrition. Her approach is real food, real health. You’ll get the breakdown of what to eat, when to eat it, and what to avoid.

Once you’re armed with information, you’re ready for the challenge.

REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE (email to save your spot)

The challenge consists of a simple scoresheet, and includes 28 days of support from the 12 Labours team and your fellow challengers. Your registration includes:

  • 28 Days of exclusive hints, articles, and knowledge bombs during your challenge.
  • 12LNC Points tracker
  • Challenge-exclusive web access to the 12 Labours Nutrition Library
  • Facebook group to post your ideas, progress, questions
  • Feedback from the nutrition team
  • Post-challenge follow-up and retest