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12 Labours Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend for many 12 Labours CrossFit athletes! Saturday and Sunday, 12 Labours athletes competed and pushed themselves to new heights.

All three districts had teams at the Vekter Games on Saturday at CrossFit ReVamped. Two teams competed in the scaled division while the others went up against some stiff competition in the RX division.

"Cleans for Chianti" had an exciting 4th place finish. "Camel Toes to Bar" finished 16th while "Blood, sweat, and beers" finished 10th in their respective divisions.

The workouts were definitely challenging; testing two-rep touch and go cleans, overhead movements, rope climbs, and more. It's always fun to do partner workouts. The added teamwork element makes some workouts less intimating and helps athletes split up work based on strengths and weaknesses. Plus, who doesn't want to workout with friends on a Saturday!? Fantastic job to all athletes who competed!

Sunday, 12 Labours athlete April G. competed in the OSS Weightlifting meet at Terrapin CrossFit. Her commitment to Olympic lifting paid off as she PR'd snatch (55 KG/ 121 lbs) and clean and jerk (79 KG/174 lbs). Her 134 KG total put her in 3rd place for her division. This is an awesome accomplishment for April as she's been focusing on Olympic weightlifting for the past four months.

Whether you PR at a competition or simply try something new, these experiences are all a part of your fitness journey. Keep training, keep striving, and keep moving. #theprocess