16.1 Open Prep: Resources Galore

For the next five weeks, we look forward to Thursday nights a little more than we normally do, because: The Open announcements.

Last night, 16.1 was announced. Some have already done the workout, while others have yet to complete it. Each week, we will bring you our favorite breakdowns of these workouts to help you prepare. You can spend some time watching, listening, reading, and strategizing as you see fit. Your coaches will be available to help you as well.

Watch and view the movement standards here.

20 Minutes: That's a long time

Whether you're doing RX or Scaled the simple fact of the matter is this: we're in it for the long-haul here. This workout is about sustained effort over an extended period of time, so the importance of "not blowing your WOD" in the first few minutes is a big key.

Manageable sets, controlled reps, good reps. We talk about #KeepMoving.... this workout is the definition of just that.

We've put together a list of our favorite videos and advice for gearing up for 16.1. Mobility, warm-ups, and strategy hints are all included below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.39.18 PM.png


Stretching and mobilizing are sometimes lost before and after workouts. This program is dedicated to optimizing your performance through extending your range of motion (ROM). Each week, they will be releasing a prep video to get you ready for the released open workout.

2. Caffeine and Kilos movement/warm-up strategy

Caffeine and Kilos partners with coaches from the Barbell WOD and Skill WOD to create a cohesive task list for properly warming up and mobilizing for this workout. They're simply running through the movements you should be doing before beginning 16.1 and what muscles you should be utilizing.

One good element that Dusty mentions here is some different strategies for all level athletes. Around minute 5, he explains the importance of knowing your pullup volume to have a rep scheme ahead of time to avoid early burnout.


3. Talayna Fortunado Advice

Talayna is a 3x CrossFit Games athlete and is offering her insight into the Open workouts as she completes them. She will be posting her advice after completing the workouts on Thursday nights. In her blog post, there are a lot of helpful hints regarding positioning of your equipment, hand protection, and how to save some seconds during transitions.

4. MisFit Athletics Commentary

There's 21 minutes of chatting here, but if you listen and move through the podcast, you'll have some good laughs and get decent advice from the MisFit coaches. They mention the importance of pacing, use some of their athletes as examples, and have a debate on who has the advantage in this workout- females or males. If you follow this crew on other social channels, they're also reminding athletes that although this is THE OPEN, this is just another workout. Remember to stay calm, and be confident in your training that you have done thus far.

Hungry for more? Ask a coach!

Many coaches will be doing the workout on Saturday, while the 12L competitors will typically complete the WOD's on Friday nights. Everyone is available to help you with mobility, strategy, and any other bits of motivation you may need before tackling the Open.

Most important: work hard + have fun. #KeepMoving