16.2 CrossFit Games Open prep link guide

Another week of more fitness.

16.2 is another potential 20 minute workout, but has some obstacles to get to that. Find the details and standards for 16.2 here.

The workout starts with:

4 min. increment + bonus time (if completed)

25 Toes to Bar (Hanging knee raises)

50 Double Unders (50 Single Unders)

15 Squat Cleans (135/85RX)(95/55Scaled)

If completed, the squat clean weight increases and reps decrease. There is a toes to bar and jump rope buy-in to each round of squat cleans.

We've included our favorite links that help you prepare and recover from this workout below. A reminder that this weeks open will begin at 11AM at BWI.

1. Rudy Nielsen, The Outlaw Way

Rudy Nielsen of Outlaw CrossFit always has a great breakdown of reps v. rest to help you maintain a lower heart rate; add in some cheeky humor and even watching the full 18 minutes of this are highly entertaining.

"None of us are Dan Bailey... except for Dan Bailey."

He breaks down Dan's strategy for the first few minutes and then gives some more hints for "the rest of us" on how to break up toes to bar (yes, break them up) and also highly recommends drop singles for the squat cleans.

Minute 10:50 has a funny comment about what shoes to wear- note that toes to bar and double unders are the two of the most non-weightlifting movements. Very clever.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.39.18 PM.png

2. ROMWOD to prepare, yoga to recover

As always, ROMWOD is releasing a video to help you mobilize before each Open workout. Our advice here is to use it, but also do what you know works for you. If you do not do this style of stretching on a regular basis, some of the poses may be held a little too long for your liking. If anything, something like this (or a quick yoga sequence) helps you get focused and get your mind right. Check them out here.


3. Talayna Fortunado Tips

She is listing her tips for the workout- and a couple things that stick out here is the set-up. While a lot of other videos mention the deep thoughts behind every rep, Talayna simply reminds people to lay out the weights for each transition. Another major key for this is to stay close to the bar. We mention it a lot in class, but especially as you begin to get fatigued, it becomes harder and harder to not physically run away from the barbell. Be smart about your rest, stay composed on the jump rope, and chip away at each rep.

4. MisFit Athletics

This breakdown is a little different than the Outlaw one listed above. They don't mention much of breaking up toes to bar from the beginning, which- is your choice. But they do discuss drop singles for the squat cleans. This will save your back, and in terms of TnG v. Drop Singles- there isn't much time difference between the two for squat cleans.


Our final thoughts

Only in CrossFit do you get rewarded with more work, for finishing work, and it's a great thing. The most exciting part about this workout is that you are basically "tricked" into heavy lifting. Under time constraints, there is less thinking and less mentally psyching yourself out about how much weight is on the barbell.

We highly encourage that you work as far as you can under the Open guidelines to get your best possible score. If you get stopped at a certain weight, but still want the opportunity to hit a personal best- talk to a coach and we can help you work heavier. Note that as soon as you deviate from the CrossFit Games Open standards, your score will be recorded and all other work done will be for personal fulfillment- and we're all about that.

Prepare for a grip smoker, but stay as calm and collected as possible. Focus on smooth reps for your toes to bar and double unders and keep your squat clean reps consistent. Do not let the clock (or the barbell) get away from you. Hand protection such as gymnastic grips or Natural Grips are recommended- and any other shoes, knee protection, wrist wraps,etc. that will help you feel like superman/woman going into this workout.

Good luck to all athletes tackling 16.2 this weekend.