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A simple reminder for your holiday nutrition:

Whether you're working to maintain a certain dietary plan through the next few months, or simply struggling to stay on-track when faced with sweet treats and different holiday challenges, this post from Stephanie Gaudreau puts the perfect perspective:

"Thanksgiving was 1 meal out of an average of 1095 that you'll eat in a year. That's 0.091% of your meals...less than 1/10th of one percent.

I know there's a tendency to YOLO the rest of the year because one indulgent day feels like you've "ruined it all." But keep that 0.091% number in mind next time you start slipping into that mentality.

Get back on track not next month or next year, but at the next meal...because you haven't screwed it ALL up. Not even close."


A simple reminder that whether your goal is to stay healthy by making better dietary choices, or you have specific body composition goals, you are complete in charge of your choices and how you feel. Remember to enjoy the season, the treats of friends, family, and food.

Enjoy the process and everything that comes along with it.