Summer is here, which means two things....Sunshine and CrossFit Competitions. We had plenty of both this weekend as we had multiple teams and individuals compete in numerous CrossFit events in the Baltimore/DC area.

First up is Flex on the Mall, an event held in the shadow of the Washington Monument! We had 4 teams with representation of the 12 Labours community. For the Annapolis District we had two teams.


Team Dazed and Confused which consisted of Meredith Della Giustina, Tyler Pelloni, Tommy Price, and Melissia Dorsey.

Team "Snatch Balls" which consisted of Brittney Reker, Aileen Graham, Joe Costa, and Matthew Reilly.

Team Dazed and Confused competed in the Scaled Division and got on the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Team Snatch Balls competed in the Rx'd Division and finished in 17th place.

The Columbia District had a team represent 12 Labours, and Teresa Luz competed on a team of friends.


Team Geek Squad consisted of Tiffany Painter, Jake Larrimore, Elysa Newman and Goran Alanovic. They competed in the Scaled Division and finished in 44th place, PRs all over the place!

Teresa Luz competed on team Metro Ballers in the Rx'd Division.


The Metro Ballers came out on top with a 1st place finish, great job Teresa!

Next up is the Atlas Games held at Titan CrossFit, which had a bunch of athletes from the 12 Labours Community!


Rusty Hartman and Chris Guarda both competed in the Men's Elite Division and finished 11th and 8th respectively.

Aleah Mohamed, Kiara Foreman both competed in the Women Rx division and finished in 5th and 14th place.

Kellina Nolan competed in the Women's Scaled Division and finished in 5th place, while Gene Balmaceda competed in the Men's Scaled and fnished in 16th place.

On the team side of things we had 3 teams representing. TBD919 had Kevin Nichols and Josh Blasher from the Columbia District, finishing in 7th place in the Rx'd division while Vicious Delicious finished in 22nd consisting of Blake Mueller, Jake Pilarski, Katy McCabe, and Maddie Poehlman.

Last up is SuperFit Charlottesville, Joe Tito competed in the Scaled Division and finished up in 8th place.

Congrats to all that competed this weekend! Great to see our community reaching out and getting after it at competitions!!