An Open Letter to The 12 Labours Community

One year ago, team 12 Labours set out on a mission to compete. We weren’t entirely sure of the outcome but we committed to the team and to the community. Long training days, traveling, while also balancing our lives outside of the gym were all part of the sacrifice.

But with great sacrifice comes great rewards. We were elated at the 2014 Regionals, but nothing is comparable to stepping foot on the field in Carson, California. And we knew we would do everything in our power to get back to the CrossFit Games in 2015. We believe that, "Preparation separates the lost and the victorious," and with that- we got to work.

Regionals this year was a reminder that no goal worth having comes without challenges. As the team struggled, the community prevailed and we prevailed. You inspired everyone to #keepmoving. The team may be strong together, but there is something about the crew behind us that makes us feel unstoppable.

The past two years have been a whirlwind for us and we would be nowhere without all of you. The shop-night last evening and the fundraiser earlier this summer is proof of that. Your unwavering support is so much more than a contribution. Every ounce of motivation via facebook, text message, phone call, or email, reminds us of the bigger picture: we are a part of something greater than what any CrossFit competition represents. We are a part of the 12 Labours Community.

You challenge yourself every time you step through the gym doors, and we will do the same. The time has flown by but the power of this community has not gone unnoticed. We will do our best to thank you all personally- and give out some quality hugs and high-fives; but for now, please take these words of extreme gratitude. Thank you for believing in us, and helping us embark on another journey.

Yours in fitness,

Team 12 Labours