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Andy Hurley talks CrossFit, Brooke Ence, and working with Wiz Khalifa

Fall Out Boy has been a fixture in the music industry since the early 2000's. The band has come a long way from their Chicago beginnings to become Grammy-nominated, Billboard topping, full-fledged rock stars.

Andy Hurley, the bands drummer, has made his way into the CrossFit world and is concurrently going on a tour-de-fitness during the "Boys of Zummer" tour.

While Andy was in Columbia, Maryland for a show, he hit a workout with the Saturday morning classes and hung out with the competitors crew.

We had the chance to chat with Hurley about music, CrossFit favorites, and more. Learn about the musician and the athlete who is extremely talented and driven by progress.

RK: You started CrossFit about 3 years ago- since then, what has been the toughest movement to learn?

AH: The hardest movements for me are pretty much any overhead movements with weight. The jerk, snatch, and thrusters,

OH squat…they’re all tough for me due to pretty bad shoulder mobility from years of drumming and hunching forward for my job.

But that’s the amazing thing about CrossFit and functional fitness, you see a weakness and you truly work towards making it a strength. I have become so much better with those movements, which has in turned greatly improved my shoulder mobility and health. It’s definitely even helped my playing by being more mindful of a being in a better position when I play.

RK: What is your favorite lift?

AH: Deadlifts are definitely my favorite. They are my strongest by a longshot. So I love WODs with deadlifts and most bodyweight movements.

RK: What about your favorite WOD?

AH: My favorite benchmark is a bit tougher to choose.

Diane is up there, as I’m just finally getting my HSPUs pretty well. So that’s just fun to be able to get through a little faster now.

But I’ll go with Annie, as I love double unders and can slay the sit-ups. It’s definitely my fastest benchmark

RK: Ok, now to the really important question... CrossFit crush:

AH: This is really tough. I have a lot! I’ll say Brooke Ence. I met her once and she was one of the sweetest people, and just radiated awesome. And she is so strong!

RK: What do your bandmates think about your training? Have they ever joined you?

AH: (chuckles) They fear intensity. So I don’t really see them joining me. I have hope for Pete though!

RK: You've been vegan for about 15 years. Was it weird for you coming in to the paleo-meat-eater CrossFit world?

AH: My lifestyle is a little different just in the way I get my protein, but outside of that, I haven't had any issues.

My biggest thing is always just making sure I get enough food. CrossFit encourages me to stay healthy on the road- and I want to make sure my workouts still go well while I'm touring.

RK: What is your favorite music to WOD to?

AH: I listen to a lot of metal when I workout. Mainly Meshuggah or Harm’s Way. Anything that makes me want to smash things, and lift heavy weights and go faster!

RK: What are some top tracks you currently have on repeat?

AH: L$D by A$AP Rocky is one of my favorite songs right now, which is odd for a straight edge kid like myself.

And then Law of the Land by Harm’s Way on the heavy side of things. That song is great to workout to.

RK: What are some of your favorite artist collaborations?

Wiz Khalifa has been amazing to tour with. He’s really nice and a great artist. So I will choose him.

RK: Which Fall Out Boy track do you love playing live?

AH: What a Catch was always my favorite when we used to play that, but we haven’t played it in a while…so I will go with Centuries because the crowd just goes off for that one. The energy is always amazing.

Be on the lookout for more stories about Andy as we delve deeper in to his passion for CrossFit and his future in the sport. We spotted him getting a tour of The Ranch with Dave Castro, so will be prodding for CrossFit Games secrets as well....

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