Are you #InTheOpen

It's that time of year again. For many, this may be familiar; but for anyone new to CrossFit, this will be your first experience with the Open.

In short, this is the largest CrossFit event of the year and it starts with each and every one of you. This competition is unlike any other in many ways. It is a chance for you personally to test yourself and to experience it all with your fellow gym-mates.

The CrossFit Open is a five-week test of fitness aimed to challenge athletes of all levels. For some, it's simply a set of workouts to test again in the future. For others, it's the first step into qualifying for Regionals and the CrossFit Games. But for everyone, it's a time to enjoy the community that surrounds this sport.

What is the Open?

Every year, 12 Labours athletes join in the workouts that are released one-by-one for five weeks. We test these workouts on Saturdays. Morning classes will participate in the WOD's that are released. You also have the option to travel to different 12 Labours locations. We will rotate Open workout locations throughout the five weeks. This creates an open experience unique to our community and is a fun opportunity to have a live Wodify leaderboard- similar to that of the Resolution Games.

You are not only tested against 12 Labours members, but the world. And if that isn't the style of competition you're looking for; the Open is also a special experience for individual athletes.

The workouts are designed to help you gauge how far you have come in your CrossFit journey. Whether you just started or have been in the sport for a few years, each open is a benchmark to the progress you continue to make.


How to Register

To register, simply:

  • Visit
  • Log-in, or create a CrossFit Games profile
  • Select your affiliate (12 Labours main location: 12 Labours CrossFit Annapolis, 12 Labours CrossFit BWI, 12 Labours CrossFit Columbia)
  • Enter payment details ($20)
  • Keep training and get excited for the end of February!

We'll be updating the locations for each week before the Open starts. Stay tuned; we look forward to seeing all of you #InTheOpen.

Ask a coach if you have any specific questions about it.

2017 CrossFit Games Open Location Schedule

The Saturday schedule will be a bit altered during the Open. 8am @ Columbia and Annapolis AND 9am @ BWI will be normal schedule. CrossFit kids will still be held at Columbia at 10AMl.

All other regular classes are cancelled. The 10am Open WOD will rotate each week between locations.

Below is the rotating 10am Open WOD schedule. *This schedule is subject to change based on workouts announced*

Feb 25th 10am: Columbia

Mar 4th 10am: BWI

Mar 11th 10am: Annapolis

Mar 18th 10am: Columbia

Mar 25th 10am: BWI