Friday my friends....the most epic WOD of all time (at least in my eyes) will go down at all locations.

And no this is not Planet Fitness and it is not Pizza Friday…don’t even get me started on that disaster.


This WOD we are talking about will be better, way better….KALSU.

Now there are few reactions to this workout, the most popular reaction being very similar to this as they read what the workout is.


For those of you that haven’t done KALSU, I don’t want this to scare you away. This workout will be the worst thing you have done, and it never really gets any easier (sorry but it doesnt) you just get more reps or finish it in less time, but the amount of suck stays the same.

Some of you might read that and be like WTF why would I want to do this, and for that I bring in a quote from Ben Douthwaite.

“At least it doesn’t suck as bad as KALSU”

Ben started saying this about a lot of workouts shortly after KALSU and it caught on with quite a few of us, and it really is the perfect way to look at it. This workout finds the ultimate amount of suck, the epitome of it if you will. It might sound crazy but once you have that level you might be in a workout next week that sucks, you're thinking of slowing down, then immediately remember KALSU, remember its not as bad, and begin to push harder.

It’s called the KALSU Effect, Einstein actually came up with it years ago but never got published until now….SCIENCE!


Einstein supposedly also had a formula for the perfect way to split up your reps for an optimal score but it got lost with time. I have been trying to piece it together for everyone but every time I test it I get 2 minutes into the workout and all that shit goes out the window and I black out.


That being said I don’t want anyone skipping class friday out of fear...theres a 20 minute cap and as always we will make sure you choose the right weight and rep scheme for YOU. Be there. Be Rad. And find your ultimate suck level.


Unrelated coffee induced GIF. Say it, it does make you feel good. SCIENCE!