CrossFit Games Open prep 16.5 (or 14.5) link guide

We knew that thrusters would be in the Open, and we knew that there would have to be a repeat workout from a previous year, but not many of us thought that 16.5 would:

1. Be 14.5

2. Have a second workout with bar facing burpees in it.

Alas, Dave Castro and the CrossFit Games staff is always surprising in that way. The 2016 Open has been quite brilliantly programmed thus far and a test/retest element is always exciting for athletes for a few reasons. This conversation has come up multiple times with 12 Labours athletes so we are going to take a minute to discuss this before going in to the weekly link guide of tips and pointers.

Tests, Retests, Effectiveness, and Efficiency: Coaching Notes

This workout, like the entire Open, is a test. Tests are the direct result of your training, but should not be mistaken for training. A training workout is one with the goal to help make you more fit. There are specific elements that aim to help you get stronger or faster in some way.

And if tests showcase your fitness, retests in The Open showcase your training. How have you improved? You may find that the weight is more manageable for you. You may find that the burpees don't tire you as much, or you may simply find that changing your strategy from before makes all the difference.

Benchmark workouts are a pillar of CrossFit for the same reason there is always a repeat workout in the Open: to quantify your fitness and to see how you have progressed as an athlete.

Our hope during this Open season, is that you have enjoyed finding your strengths, finding opportunities to improve, and apply that knowledge to your training for the upcoming season. The coaching staff has been watching, listening to you, and building a plan for the next line of programming based off the needs exposed by the Open.

Scouring the leaderboard and comparing scores will never be an effective strategy- mentally or physically. The key to enjoying the Open is to recognize that this is a test of you vs. you. And in order to improve on the next test, you will need to study, or in this case: train (also see: put in work)

Now back to preparing to 16.5

Here is a list of our favorite bits of advice and movement reminders to gear up for thrusters and burpees.

1. Outlaw Way 14.5/16.5 breakdown

This explanation is geared towards an athlete with their eye's on a top score or a Regional athlete but has some valuable burpee and thruster tips.

There are a couple different ways you can approach these movements to prevent redlining too early in the workout.

2. CrossFit HQ reminders

We're all familiar with the standards of these movements, and after the 16.4 fiasco, it is even more important to respect those standards. Our coaches and judges will always strive to promote virtuous movement- during class and during Open workouts.

As Nicole eloquently states in this video, this is a workout that you simply need to keep moving through. At times, this is much easier said than done, but it is the honest reality.


3. Our final thoughts

This workout is where you "find your happy place," go there, and get through it.

There is a scaled option this year, unlike in 2014, so you're able to adjust the thruster weight if that would be an issue. Outside of that, you're familiar with these movements and now just need to #KeepMoving.

The only real 'gaming' advice we have is to not go out too crazy on the set of 21's. Kick things into gear when you get to the single digits is probably the best piece of advice we have for that- be patient.

What a way to end the Open! We're excited to see everyone this Saturday at Columbia. Heats kick off at 11 AM and make sure to bring your favorite dish to share- we'll be having a Post-Open potluck afterwards. (BYOB as well... cheers!)