CrossFit Games Open prep link guide 16.3

The 20 min. WOD is a thing of the past (or 16.1 and possible 16.2) and now it's time to test your engine. The 16.3 workout is:

7-min. AMRAP:

10 power snatches (75/55 lbs)

3 bar muscle-ups

Scales include:

lighter snatches

jumping chest to bar pullups.

Watch the workout description here.

We've put together our list of our favorite tips for this workout. There isn't nearly as much strategy behind this one, as it is designed to be a quick and fast workout. But we're including more valuable information to help you with your bar muscle ups.

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1. ROMWOD/Mobility

This workout is taxing on your grip and shoulders. It is important to dedicate some warmup time to proper mobility to prep for 16.3. Check out their series here or make sure to head over to mobility WOD for some pointers as well.

2. Outlaw Way Breakdown

Rudy's back with another solid explanation. The biggest thing this week is that there isn't really much to over strategize here- you need to be weary of your beginning pace, but also be able to kick it into gear on the last two minutes.

"It's Randy with bar muscle-ups every 10 reps."

If you've ever done Randy, 75 snatches for time, this will be a helpful reminder. He explains a couple keys to stringing together snatches and some bar muscle up tech.

3. Scaled Options

We were expecting muscle-ups in way or another. For some, ring muscle ups were expected, and for the first time ever- we get bar muscle ups. We've included a few progessions on our youtube playlist for those who are close to this skill.

There are some good reminders here for the scaled workout as well. This week we see jumping chest to bar pullups- a little more complex than the jumping pullups from week 1.


4. Our final thoughts

There are a lot of ways this workout can be analyzed, but it will come down to your capabilities with barbell cycling and bar muscle up/jumping chest to bar efficiency.

This is an exciting change from the last two weeks that it is more of an engine test but you still need to be smart. Coach Ryan explains some of his thoughts on this workout:

It's like running a mile. You cannot go too hard at the beginning but you know that you need to kick it into gear for the last 400-800m.

The pullups or muscle ups aren't a huge part of this workout so be smart about your approach to this. If it is tough to string three bar muscle ups together, go to singles from the beginning. You don't want to tax yourself on that movement to the point it hinders your 10 reps on the barbell.

16.3 kicks off at 12L CrossFit Annapolis at 11 AM, Saturday March 12. Kill Cliff will be there for some fun as well.