CrossFit Games Open Prep link guide 16.4

Another week and we're ready for a nice little chipper. Deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and pushups. It's time for a chipper- and a workout that we simply work through to the best of our ability. We've compiled a list of pointers to help you prepare for 16.4.

We'll be kicking off our 12L community open at 11 AM at our BWI location. Progenex and Power Supply will be on-site for the fun.

Make sure to check out our YouTube station as well for more information on the workout standards, and more detailed rowing, deadlift, and handstand pushup technique breakdowns.

1. Active Life Athletics

Our friends over in Long Island have been arming the CrossFit community with movement tips from the beginning of the open. This video is short and straight-forward.

Check out their suggested warmup and be sure to incorporate some of these movements before you tackle 16.4.

Find them on instagram @ActiveLifeRX

2. Rudy and the Outlaw Way

We'll always include this breakdown for the insight and the pure entertainment element as well. Rudy discusses wall ball distance from the target (#science) and also talks about set lengths.

For deadlifts: bigger sets if you can maintain form/technique

For Handstand pushups: small, fast sets. Try to limit the amount of time that you are upside down.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.39.18 PM.png

3. ROMWOD + Yoga for Athletes

The Open series for ROMWOD has been great so far, but a reminder that there are also some amazing ways to recover from the week of workouts locally.

Yoga for athletes- every Thursday at 12L Annapolis.

New this week: Yoga for Athletes every Sunday at Yoga Love Clarksville.

Join Mimi for a community yoga class ($6/session) at 6PM for a relaxing and rejuvenating flow. This is the first week for this class, so take advantage! You can check out yoga love here.

More information on the ROMWOD open series here.

4. Scaled and Masters Division advice

The movements are slightly different for the scaled and masters divisions, and it's important to also note these movement standards. We've added some helpful pointers to our YouTube playlist, but here are some pointers from CrossFit HQ on hand release pushup reminders and push press reminders.


5. Our final reminders + 16.4 workout location

The thing about chipper workouts is that we can all simply grind through them, and it's about maintaining composure and working to our strengths.

For many, there is a potential bottleneck at the pushup movement. Any gymnastic movement such as this requires an understanding of your individual threshold- how many reps can you do before reaching failure. As we discuss in class, your goal is to avoid getting to that failure point- recognizing when you need a rest, coming off of your hands and resetting before hitting more reps.

The row will be a good time to "rest" before getting to the pushups, while you want to bank as much time as you can by working through the deadlifts and wall balls at a faster pace. Your goal should be no wasted reps and managed rest.

Good luck to all athletes tackling 16.4 this weekend.

12 Labours Athlete reminders:

The 12L community WOD will take place at BWI due to space constraints at Columbia. Heats start at 11 AM.