17.5 Open strategy

CrossFit Games Open Prep Series: 17.5

The fifth and final workout of the 2017 CrossFit Games Open IS HERE. It's a painfully elegant (as Pat Sherwood would say) of thrusters and double unders. We've got your workout information and tips from around the web to help you finish this years Open strong.

The Workout

10 Rounds of

9 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)

35 Double Unders

That's it. It's so simple it hurts.... and this workout will.


The advice for this workout is consistent: transition time is key, and so is keeping your composure. If you can go unbroken on the thrusters, that should be your goal for the duration of the workout. If you know you'll need to break them up, have a plan and stick to it. Once you get past the half-way point, you can think about adjusting your plan.

Similar to all other workouts, this is also very different for each person. Manageable sets for each movement will help you stay calm and strong throughout all ten rounds. And remember that this is painfully simple- there is no sugar coating the fact that if you push yourself through this, it will hurt. But that, as they mention in a podcast above, the pain is the reward.

Remember that this is the final workout of the 2017 Open Season- this is the final test. Embrace it!

Warm-up and Mobility

*ROMWOD and Power Athlete is subscription-based, however we believe they have some beneficial bits of information so have included it as well.

Final Reminders

We're almost there! Get excited for this workout and for the relaxation that will follow. Make sure you get your heart rate up before starting this workout, stick to your plan, and stay calm throughout the allotted time.

This is a chance for everyone to push their double under and thruster capacity to new levels. Enjoy this challenge!

Remember that 17.5 will be at 12 Labours BWI. Heats will begin at 10AM. We will also have a post-open potluck so make sure to bring some food!