Kipping pullups and torn up hands go to together like square dancin’ and handguns, or campin’ trips and head lice, or suits of armor and electrical storms.

But seriously, torn up hands drive me insane, and its been happening a lot lately. I know it happens and sometimes you can’t help it, but most of the time its just a lack of effort on either taking care of your hands after workouts, or just do a simple tape job before the workout to prevent tears.

In this first part there’s a video by our friend Andy Petranek at CrossFit LA explains CrossFit Hand Taping. There’s a million ways to tape up but this is the best way that I have personally seen to do it, and I’ll have a few tips after the video to help lengthen the life of your wraps.

I should just make a video but I don’t have time right now so lets go over the pieces of the hand tape so we dont get confused when I am explaining. There is the finger loop piece which is the first piece you make. Then you put tape onto the finger loop piece to make the “hand pad”, and its finished by using some wrist tape.

First off I would start by making the length of the pad for your hand longer, and also double up on the tape and use two seperate pieces when putting tape on the finger loop piece to make the pad. The reason for the extra length is you want to lock that hand pad in when taping around your wrist. If the hand pad is hanging out of the bottom of your wrist tape, as soon as you sweat that will loosen up and eventually cause the whole hand wrap to loosen.

Last once you get this whole thing put together, make sure you chalk both sides of the hand pad like crazy. By both sides I mean the outside which will be touching the bar, and the other side being the side touching your hand. You want a ton of chalk on there so the stickiness of the tape doesnt stick to your hand and start shredding you up.

Now we all know that my mind is all over the place and those last three paragraphs probably make no sense whatsoever, so if you have questions just ask, I will help you out.

Other than tape there are a few products you could buy. I don’t wear them, I like my man card, but check them out and if you do wear them I promise I wont judge.

Regardless of what you wear I just want you to take care of your hands. Nothing is worse then modifying a workout or not working out for a few days cause your hands look like they went through a meat grinder. Sure you will rip at some point in your life, but I want that to be minimal and want you to keep training hard without tears on your hands holding you back.

That was the first part talking about CrossFIt hand taping and Hand Care for the workout. Now we move on to one of my favorite people on the planet to discuss hand care outside of the dojo. Donny Shankle.

If you don’t know who Donny Shankle is then you need to hop on the youtubes right now. Or just check this…


Lets just say I have a little bit of a man crush on Donny. His sense of humor is for some reason hilarious to me, for example when he hang clean and jerks 200kg (which FYI is 440 lbs) he walks by and calls it a silly thing. Hahaha I dont know why but I find that incredible.

Best Donny Shankle moment of all time…this is in competition people!

Annnnnyways back to the task at hand here is his video on hand care…


This is what I personally use, can find at pretty much any grocery store!

This concludes our CrossFit Hand Taping and Hand Care guid, watch these videos, implement them and be awesome. Shredded hands are not cool.


  • For Time:
  • 30 Pullups
  • 50ft OH walking Lunge
  • 30 Box Jumps
  • 50ft OH walking Lunge
  • 30 KB swings
  • 50ft OH walking Lunge
  • 30 burpees