The weather is finally starting to get nicer, which means its that time of the year. Yup you guessed it…shoe shopping season.

There’s a ton of different options out there for the everyday CrossFitter when it comes to CrossFit Shoes, which I will explain and give MY recomendation. Remember this doesnt mean that a particular shoe isnt good if its not on here, these are just my favorites.

Let’s start off with all around everyday CrossFit kicks. My absolute favorite shoe so far has to be the Reebok Nano 2.0.



You can do pretty much anything you want in these CrossFit Shoes. You can hit a regular CrossFit WOD, do some olympic lifting, squat something heavy, really anything. I used to have a few different pairs of shoes to do things in, now I just rock the Nanos for everything. The only thing that I have heard from people in they don’t like to run in them. I don’t like to run in anything so that comment was a wash for me.


$109.99 – Pretty standard for a solid pair of shoes


I cruise through CrossFit shoes faster than anyone and these have lasted me forever, I still wear my first pair of Nano 2.0s everyday to workout, and even though they are beat up, they are still holding up well.

If I had to make a 2nd choice for CrossFit Shoes, which I wouldn’t after wearing the Nanos, but for the purposes of this blog I would go with the Innov8′s. Innov8 has a ton of different CrossFit Shoes out now, and even an Oly shoe coming out, but I think the classic F-lite 230 is still the standard for CrossFitters.



Now don’t get me wrong I wore these shoes for years (went through 4 pairs in the time I went through 1 pair of Nanos) and absolutely loved them for strictly CrossFit type workouts. Box jumps, running, double unders, etc. But as soon as something heavy came up, these were off, and Olympic lifting is pretty much a no go with these guys. Just not enough ass to them, they feel like you wrapped a paper towel around your foot, which is awesome for some stuff but when we start going overhead or tossing around heavy weight these are gone.


$99.99 ***and you can find these online all over the place for way cheaper***


Super comfy and light like I said before, but they don’t get much mileage. My toes are poking out of these CrossFit shoes in about 3-4 weeks. And in about 6 weeks my shoes have turned into Innov8 flip flops.

Those are my two suggestions for all-around CrossFit Shoes. I know someone will ask a question about these…

Here is my answer…


Now we start looking into specialty CrossFit shoes, more specifically Olympic Weightlifting Shoes. Here is my take on Olympic shoes, I love them, and I think people should definetely wear them, but I don’t want those shoes to be a crutch. If your mobility is so poor in your ankles and calves that you can’t hit a full squat barefoot, then you are doing it wrong. Yes you can wear your oly shoes, but that doesnt mean you dont work on mobility to get that problem fixed. Ok rant over.\

Olympic Shoes. To me this is a lifetime investment, if you buy a good pair of oly shoes, they will last you 10 years if not longer. Yes they are expensive but again thats a purchase that lasts for a long time. Not to mention the ones that are well built and last a long time, are way more stable for lifting and more comfortable.

There is a bunch out there, these are the only two I would ever spend my money on.

Personal Favorite are the Nike Romaleo 2.0′s. Built like a tank, they have a .75″ heel lift so its a little lower than most other Oly Shoes, and for me is the perfect lift. They are a little heavier than some other Oly Shoes but when you feel how they are built you will understand why.



Strictly Olympic Lifting and powerlifting for these guys, you are not going to be able to run or do box jumps or any of that jazz with these bad boys on. That’s ok though, they are not trying to be an all around shoe, they wanted to build the best possible Olympic Shoe they could, and thats what they did.


$199.99 – Yes expensive but like I said they last forever.


Built like a tank, I have had mine for about 3 years now, I don’t do as much lifting as I used to, but I wore these everyday for about 2 and a half years, and they look and feel exactly the same with minimal wear at all.

The other shoe that I would recommend would be the Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting shoe. Almost the same review as the Nike’s, built like a tank, with the main differences being they are a little lighter, a bit on the narrow side, and they look like your wearing a Construction Cone on your feet. They also have a 1″ lift so a little higher heel than the Nike’s but the 1″ is the standard for Oly shoes.



Same as Nike’s, used purely for lifting heavy things.




Well built and will last you forever.

If you guys have questions let us know and our trainers will point you in the right direction!


A. Squat Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch OTM for 9 minutes @ 75%


3min AMRAP, 6min AMRAP, 9min AMRAP – rest 3 min between amraps

get as far as you can during your AMRAP of the following:

Row 20 cals

20 Wall Balls

20 T2B

20 Box Jumps

20 SDHP (2 pood/1.5)

20 Burpees

20 Shoulder to OH – (135/95)