Designed for a Reason: What is a deload week?

As mentioned in our programming blog post, your weekly workouts are written with certain goals. We look to learn from the results each week to continue helping every 12 Labours athlete fulfill his or her highest potential. We tweak our goals based on the results, and provide our coaches with the best insight and skill guidelines possible to ensure you’re armed with the knowledge and instruction you need to keep moving.

That being said, this is an important week. We’re half way through the squat cycle, are moving up percentages on weightlifting Wednesdays, and simply need a deload week. There will be a heavier focus on mobility instead of heavy barbells. It is designed to be a little lighter; to get you and all 12 Labours athletes in working order and ready to pick up next week.

What deload means

This does not mean skip class this week or neglect your normal WOD schedule. Our bodies, on the most basic level, are required to move. Have you ever taken an extended break from fitness and found that you were actually more sore? We don’t want that to happen. There is some lifting this Wednesday, but the rest of the week is geared towards lighter loads and movement that aids in recovery and mental preparation.

Stay healthy, stay focused, and we’ll see you in the gym.