Featured Athlete: Jared Reece

He's a coach and an athlete who strives for progress. He has recently had quite a bit of success with power lifting- including meet PR's and awesome training days. We sat down with Coach Jared to talk about his training and improvement this season. Most importantly, he notes the positive effect of training with others. HINT: it's more than just beard power.

What is your favorite aspect of training?

This is a hard one to answer, but I love being sore after the workouts! It gives me a sense of accomplishment, like I actually did the work I needed to do. I’d have to say a close second is getting to have some "social time" with training partners.....it might take a little more time between sets, but it's worth it.

Tell us about your training season- did you do anything differently?

This training season was 1000x better because I was able to actually have a training partner, Andy. Working with someone, your mental state becomes so much stronger than alone and I really felt the difference when it came time to hit the big lifts.

We also sat down together before the start of the cycle and agreed on weaknesses and goals that we both had. We held each other accountable to continue progressing throughout the season.

You've had success in a lot of the meets you've attended this year, what's the best part of competition for you?

I love the support.

Competing in powerlifting is much like CrossFit: you want everyone to do their best, but you want yourself to be the best naturally. The support and camaraderie for everyone lifting is unbelievable.

Advice time! What would you tell anyone new to powerlifting?

Compare you to YOU. It's never about who lifts more than you, it's about how you can improve. Every lift is a testament to the work that you have been putting in, and whether its 100 lbs. or 500 lbs. you get out there and crush it.

Thanks for spending time with us, Jared!

Follow his training on instagram: @lifter_jared

For those interested in power lifting, check out the 12L Barbell Club: Strength.