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Fitness Competition- 6 Tips for gameday

Goals are dreams with deadlines. 12 Labours CrossFIt member Andrea Kibalo made a goal to do a CrossFIt competition by the end of 2015. By the end of February, she will have competed in two. From the serendipitous involvement in the Battle of Baltimore, to her upcoming competition in the Resolution Games, she’s sharing her initial lessons and advice for anyone new to fitness competitions.


Competition Tip 1: Listen to your coaches

We have a crew of coaches who help clients through workouts everyday. This knowledge transfers to assistance with workout strategy and pre-competition preparation. Andrea got a lot of advice from Coaches Dan and Gabe at Annapolis that helped her prepare.

“take a day off, go lighter, extra mobility - whatever they say listen, they know what they are talking about.”

Competition Tip 2: Remind yourself: “It’s just like practice.”

Competitions can be nerve wracking especially if you’ve never done them before. Remind yourself that you HAVE competed; against yourself- in your home gym. The only difference: you have multiple workouts. And if you’re on a team, Andrea adds, “you get to split the work and have planned rest.”

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Competition Tip 3: Invite your friends and family.

Instead of adding stress to the event, familiar friends and family may help you remain calm and collected during competitions. Andrea explains,

“I thought I wouldn't want anyone there but it was great looking up and seeing familiar faces during the workout or having them congratulating me after we were done. “

Competition Tip 4: Take advantage of your favorite workouts.

The goal is to always “specialize in non-specializing” but let’s face it, we will always have favorite movements. For Andrea, that was overhead squats. When that movement came up in the Battle of Baltimore, (event #3) she pounced on the opportunity to help her team. “I knew that this workout would be clutch for moving us up in the rankings,” she explains. “We ended up having a three way tie for 2nd and moving to top 5 because of our finish and how awesome our teammate did on the last floater/individual workout.”

Let confidence fuel your workouts and you might be surprised how far you will go.


Competition Tip 5: Bring your stuff

Food, equipment, shoes, weight belts… everything you use at the gym, you may need.

Competition Tip 6: CrossFit people are cool.

As a member of 12 Labours CrossFit, you may already know this. It’s always important to step outside of your normal zone and meet new people from other locations or other gyms completely. As Andrea says, “Most people who do Crossfit are also really cool so don't be scared to talk to people and make friends, it can only help you have more fun. “

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Andrea and CONGRATS on an awesome first competition. We look forward to hosting the 2015 Resolution Games this weekend. To everyone who is competing for the first time, good luck. To everyone: always remember to trust the process.