Holiday tips to keep you on track

Between parties, traveling, and various other social events, the holidays spanning from November to January can be a bit of a disruption to your weekly schedule. With that can bring a bit of nutritional confusion, especially when enjoying every bit of the special holiday season.

There are a few key pieces of advice that we've developed to help you make healthy decisions the next few weeks. Our goal is to mitigate some stress and increase overall happiness with your food choices.

Sweet treats are meant to be enjoyed

There is wiggle room even if you’re staying conscious of your macro intake. You always want to load up on meat and veggies before anything.

And when it comes to sweet treats- be mindful. Slow down, chew, and enjoy every bite.

Composing your plate

Although we might all love to start the day with leftover pumpkin pie and cakes from Thanksgiving onwards, that most definitely won’t set you up for success. While everyone’s individual nutrition needs will vary, there are a couple simple tips to keep you satisfied during the holidays.


  • casseroles= a lot of extra fat,
  • simple is best- meats, sautéd or baked veggies in their simplest form
  • pick your favorites: like stuffing/cranberry sauce/ whatever else is only available that time of year.

Be mindful, remember your intentions

Technically speaking, the holidays- the literal holiday, are three days out of the entire November-January festivities. Try your best to stick to your healthy habits and routine. It’s okay to indulge a bit but don’t let it throw you completely off track.

To get access to our full list of healthy holiday tips, download the PDF below.