Sadly this is not the first time I have written about this, nor will it be my last…

Are you hurt or are you injured? The ultimate question you need to ask yourself everyday. Whats the difference you ask?

If any of you remember this radical movie about college football “The Program”, then you’ll remember Latimer bashing his head into cars for making starting defense while yelling ”Starting defense, place at the table!!!!” What you might not remember is James Caan explaining this very topic of hurt or injured. Injured means youre out, go get an MRI, talk to the doc, etc. Hurt means something is sore, or doesn’t feel 100%, or you need to work something out.

Let me just preface this by saying, if I only trained when everything felt 100% then I would have had exactly 2 training sessions completed since 2003.

Now am I saying to just go out and rip it every training session and push through all the pain? NO! I am saying the exact opposite. I am saying to start realizing the difference between being hurt and being injured. “If I keep going, am I guna fuck myself up?” or “Is this getting worse as I keep going?” or the ultimate question “Hey Coach, here’s whats going on, what do you think?”

When you realize the difference between the two hurt and injured, you start to do more than just workout. You are now training. (Big difference as well that will be an entirely different blog post.) When you can push through being sore/tight, and on the flip side realize that its an injury and are smart enough to stop you have officially become an athlete. We NEED to get better at this people.

A little passage from Dan John’s book Never Let Go:

Passion is a word that doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means “to suffer.” Now, that may not be how we use it today, but that’s what the root of the word means, at least in the dictionary. Let’s define it this way: Passion, to suffer for love.

I think that greatness comes to those willing to go past the sweat. I hear it all the time, “Look, see, I’m working hard. I’m sweating.” Yeah, well, you’ll sweat in a sauna, too. It doesn’t mean nothin’.

You have to go past the hurt, too. The hardest thing to teach young men in football is the difference between being hurt and being injured. Injured means out; you’re done for today, this week, this season. Hurt means that you’ve just moved beyond the pain. Winners learn to live with hurt. In life, you’re going to be hurt a lot. Bosses don’t always care about your inner child when you blow a sale or ram an oil tanker into a dock.


Passion is learning to push beyond all of this in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

Your goals are going to cost you in every nuance of the word: physically, emotionally, financially and any other “-ally” you can find.

Injuries happen, yes. But I want to minimize that as much as possible. Am I doing everything in my power to keep everyone healthy and moving correctly? That is the question I ask myself every single day, before every class, and after every class. This is my responsibility, but its also your responsibility to understand just how serious I take proper movement. Half assing reps, going against the clock, going high are your squats, or going too heavy where the movement turns into a train wreck, etc are FUCKING WORTHLESS. I have said it before and I will say it again.


In case you didnt notice I was actually yelling at the screen while typing that. People, I dont give a fuck about the weight or the time of your workouts. I have been doing this long enough to realize that those things will come as a by product of perfecting the movement pattern! Which will also get you stronger and faster in the long run anyways, while keeping you healthy!

That just seems like a no brainer to me, is it not??? I am telling you that you will get stronger, get faster, AND stay healthier if you do things right as opposed to doing them like shit.

Go back and read the last paragraph a few times. When you are done, read it again.


  • 10 mins Handstand Work
  • +
  • 4 rounds not for time for quality
  • 10 TGU
  • run 400m