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Join the Fight: Wade's Army 2015

Cancer: a term that everyone knows and no one wants to hear. While the face of cancer spans genders, ages, and lifetimes, many ban together to fight this disease in every form.

On November 12th, 2011, Wade DeBruin lost his battle to the pediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma. Little is known about this disease except the heartbreaking number of children and families that are affected each year. There are over 700 cases in the U.S. each year. It is the second most common solid tumor in children affecting about 7% of children with cancer, most commonly in infants, and almost 70% of children who are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma have an advanced stage of the disease.

We want to raise awareness and funds to alert others of this disease, and give these young patients a chance to fight. On November 12,2012, Power Athlete nation banned together for the first Wade’s Day, honoring his bravery and raising awareness of this disease. CrossFit Syndicate, and now 12 Labours CrossFit has been a part of this cause since 2012.

Since its onset in 2012, Wade’s Wings + Power Athlete has raised $150,000, 2 Phase 1 pediatric cancer experimental clinical trials have been funded, and direct financial support has been provided for three brave young boys; Jack, Wesley, and Ethan.

Support continues to grow, as the platform for pediatric cancer gets larger. Cincinnati Bengals player, Devon Still publicly shared his daughter’s fight with Neuroblastoma this past year. He even accepted the Jimmy V. Award for Perseverance on his daughter Leah’s behalf. While Leah is thankfully in remission, many children are still preparing for the fight of their life. Join us this year as we raise awareness and remember Wade. We have a 12 Labours CrossFit fundraising page and will be partaking in the workout “Wade” this November.

How to join the fight: Team Competition and the 12L Page

Sharing this information and helping spread awareness is the first step.

If you'd like to join the fight, you can get a team together to compete in the Power Athlete Team competition on October 10th. The event will be in Laurel, Maryland at Jailbreak Brewery. Four-person teams will compete for the title and 100% of the member registration will go directly to Wade's Army.

Also, make sure to join the 12 Labours Wade's Army team to show your support.



The Cure Search (http://curesearch.org/Neuroblastoma-in-Children?gclid=CLK0-7PfyccCFc6PHwodBSkK_Q)

Power Athlete HQ: http://wadesarmy.org/2015/08/12/wades-day-2015-kick-off/