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Keep Moving: 12L Games story & Tshirt details

The CrossFit Games is a test of fitness that far exceeds the challenges on the field. Years are spent preparing and sacrificing for a chance to represent the community on the biggest stage. But sometimes, as we found at the 2015 Atlantic Regionals, strength is also represented outside the competition floor.

While the team fought for their ticket back to Carson, you rallied behind them. One team member was fighting a potentially serious injury that might affect the team’s chances of advancing.

Despite this, you believed… and #KeepMoving was born. It is an idea that regardless of the outcome, you are able to continue; continue fighting, continue working, and continue striving for what you set out to achieve.

The team heard your cheers, and found it within themselves (and with the help of others) to achieve what had seemed unattainable mere hours before: represent 12 Labours CrossFit for the second year in a row at The Reebok CrossFit Games.

For the occasion, we partnered with Compete Every Day and created the “Keep Moving Collection.” These shirts and tanks are made with you in mind- while there are six members competing; you are all on the team. You believed in us and continue to stand next to us throughout the entire process. A percentage of your purchase will benefit the 12 Labours fund to help send the team to Carson, California.

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We thank you for your continued support and your unwavering belief in 12 Labours.

“Perhaps the seeds of redemption lay not just in perseverance, hard work, and rugged individualism. Perhaps they lay in something more fundamental—the simple notion of everyone pitching in and pulling together.” -Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat