Coaches Update: Programming

Programming Update: What's now. What's next.

While the idea of CrossFit is constantly varied, functional fitness, the 12 Labours class programming follows a little more structure to help you reach your goals.

The basic concept is that we follow a yearly cycle broken down in to four main parts. Half of this time is considered the "off season" where we have strategic goals during each time period.

  • Part 1: September to December - This is our strength and skill portion of the year.
  • Part 2: January to April - This is the Open prep cycle, getting those lungs ready for the burners that Castro throws at us.
  • Part 3: May to July - This is considered our Season for the year, starts with the Open and continues through the CrossFit Games.
  • Part 4: August - This is our testing phase, testing our year of training, and developing new benchmarks for the year to come.

The question that typically arises is, "What if I am not a CrossFit Games Athlete or even do the Open?"

And our answer is simple, we treat every single member like an athlete. It gives us all a season to train for which is invaluable to many athletes, even the ones just looking for fitness.

There is a tendency to get lost in a vicious cycle of training where there seems to be no end in sight…or more commonly the question of"What are you training for?" comes into your head. This is a tough place to be, a place with no goals, and no vision of where you want to go. Our goal with the programming structure is not only to give you a roadmap, but to also help you see your improvements along the way.

You Are Here: Lifting

The next two weeks we will continue finishing a strength cycle. Front squats were tested last week, and look for more of that testing- hint, hint, back squat. We are excited on the results of this so far, many of you have been working diligently on this cycle since it began three months ago.

You may have noticed some 1RM testing for Olympic lifting as well, which have been hidden within a few Weightlifting Wednesdays. We've spent time at heavier loads and refining your technique; now it's time to work with efficiency as well. So we will be testing a few complexes that are a bit longer than what some might be used to.

Once these testers are finished, the next strength cycle will begin. The weeks will be divided between Oly lifts, front squat, back squat, and we are also adding overhead squat work in as well (#OpenPrep). There is a method to this fitness madness; so make sure you are recording your results each day. The Wodify tools are here for you and us as we track the effectiveness of each training cycle. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is a quantifiable fitness method; we'll deal with the numbers, you just promise to show up and put in the work.

You Are Here: Gymnastics

The current strength and skill cycles have been built to overlap each other; so you are not peaking at the same time for different modalities. So as we begin a new strength series, we are in the middle of the gymnastics one.

Our goal with the gymnastics program is to gain more volume and proficiency. If you are a sport athlete; our goal is to work with the higher skill movements like muscle ups, strict handstand pushups, and building volume throughout those movements. As you have probably noticed, the skill level of gymnastics has increased over the past 8 weeks, and will continue to do so for the next 8.

The goal for fitness athletes is simply to get comfortable with some of these higher skill movements such as: GHD situps, pullups, chest to bar, getting upside down, etc. Longer EMOM's or workouts with smaller rep schemes are built in specifically for fitness athletes to get a chance to practice some of these movements in a workout setting.

While we are all at different points in our fitness journey; the gymnastics cycle is designed to help you learn more about these movements and eventually incorporate them into your training.

You Are Going: What's next

Moving weight. Moving more. There are a lot of breakthroughs happening as we spend time refining skills. After this cycle we will have to start attacking aerobic capacity pretty hard.

Think: Open Prep and MetCons galore. If you've been with us for a few years, this time of year is quite noticeable with the programming. As always, we will give you a quick update and map for success as the season shifts.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the 12 Labours with questions. It is our distinct honor to continue bringing fitness to you. Keep working, let us know your goals, and we will continue working to help you reach them.