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Running for CrossFitters

Whether you're looking to incorporate running into you CrossFit routine, or simply learn how to reduce pain or injuries associated with running- the 12L Running Workshop is for you.

Join us on Saturday November 21 from 11AM-1PM.

Coaches Erin Ferner and Rebecca Koch provide athletes with a basic understanding of proper running technique and training. The bulk of the workshop will be running drills breaking down foot strike, strides, and pacing. The workshop will culminate with a final workout.

Erin and Rebecca both come from endurance backgrounds. Erin has completed multiple 50+ mile (even 100 mile) races and most recently was a part of the Bike Like a Girl: Race Across America ride. Rebecca's strengths are in middle distances and up. She comes from a track and cross country background with extensive half marathon experience.

This workshop is geared towards the athlete interested in running and endurance, while still maintaining a regular CrossFit training schedule. It is possible to do both!