Start Here: Goal-Setting, Nutrition, and more...

2016 has come and gone and while we are extremely excited for yet another year, we are also proud at what 2016 has produced. It's time to continue moving forward and build on the progress we have all made.

January brings a month full of valuable events from goal-setting, nutrition challenge, the Resolution Games, and finally; the 2017 CrossFit Games Open.

More information about each particular event will be released soon, but mark your calendars now.

"Find Your Why" Goal Setting Session/Lecture

January 21, 1-3PM @ 12 Labours BWI

Especially during the new year, the term 'goal' is thrown around quite freely. The difference between thinking, stating, and actually achieving your goals lies in the details: planning and action.

Coach Luke will elaborate on different concepts of goal-setting, methods of achievement, and overall outlook on your hopes and aspirations for this year and beyond. We frequently mention 400 and 800m. goals; in reference to our shorter-term and longer-term intentions- this is another opportunity to revisit and refine those as well.

12 Labours Winter Nutrition Challenge

January 23, 2017- March 25, 2017

Yes, this challenge is the real deal. We are serious about your routines, and helping you achieve noticeable results before and throughout, and even after the Open season. This means, we have extended the timeframe of our 12 Labours Nutrition Challenge. Not only will we cover healthy eating and how it contributes to your recovery; we will also include tips and work to do that include mobility and recovery with the help of Active Life RX.

This kick-off challenge lecture will take place on January 21 immediately following the "Find Your Why" Lecture.

The Resolution Games

January 28, 9-3PM @ 12 Labours BWI

Join us for the 3rd annual Resolution Games! This is an inter-gym competition including athletes from all 12 Labours districts. Don't feel alone though; you will be competing with a fellow 12L member- and your teammate can be from any location.

The divisions are:

RX Male/Male

RX Female/Female

Scaled Male/Male

Scaled Female/Female

Registration will open on January 9. Start searching for your teammate!

But so what...

From the first time the doors to BWI opened, the goal has been simple: to help you reach your full potential.

With every event, class, challenge, and lecture we host, we hope to somehow get closer to unlocking those powerful strengths that are within us all. This potential comes in the form of unwavering strength, ambition, and an overall dedication to the health and wellbeing of oneself.

Join us for another year as we strive to uncover unchartered territory for 12 Labours and for your fitness. #HicSuntLeones