The 12L Troupe

From the moment team 12L stepped off the podium at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games, they were anxiously awaiting preparation for 2017. This is not to say that their efforts were not appreciated and celebrated, but it is a testament to the agreed work ethic of the group.

While there have been a few changes in team composition, the indisputable fact is that THIS is a team- comprised of athletes who have historically performed better collectively than alone, and not vice versa. And while the landscape of team competition has become increasingly difficult since their first Affiliate Cup competition in 2014, they continued climbing the leaderboard.

There are various explanations to this- including but not limited to training methodology, Games experience, or team members. But the fact is that their success as a team is because they are, at the root of themselves- a collective group.

This collective group extends past the eight members to others who take part in these efforts: managers, judges, 12L athletes, coaches, and community members who all volunteer their time and unwavering support for the goals of this team.

So as we embark on another year of Games prep, let us not only remember the goal that we've had since 2014; but pay homage to those who have been with us since (and before) then. Thank you for continuing to trust in our gyms, for showing up to improve your fitness everyday; and for being such a crucial element of this team- the 12 Labours troupe that stretches far beyond the workout floor and gym doors.

What we always remember is the crew with us. The accomplishments are nothing without that. It's not about outside attention, rankings, or recognition- and we will stand by that. The #12LBlackout continues as we prep for Madison.