The 2017 Open Prep Series: 17.2

The CrossFit Games director, Dave Castro has spoken for the second week: and for the second week in a row, we will be using dumbbells for the Open workout.

WOD 17.2 is a mix of dumbbell lunges, toes to bar, dumbbell cleans, and bar muscle ups. More gymnastics and strategy will go into this workout than the previous week; and we're here with your list of links to help you prepare best for when you test it.

...And 17.2 is

The workout standards and descriptions can be found here. We'll also include some thoughts on how to attack the workout, and a list of our favorite sources.

As always though, these are simply suggestions. Every athlete is different, we all have a certain way of completing tasks- so take these tips how you wish, but only employ the ones that you think will work for you.

Your helpful list of links

First things first, there are a lot of bar hanging elements here which leave a lot of opportunity for ripping. Take some time to review our blog post about proper hand care before anything.


The advice here is pretty consistent: this workout is all about grip strength and being smart about saving yourself in the beginning. Remember there is 12 minutes of work to be done and you are hanging on to a bar or a dumbbell for the entire time. Have a plan for how large or small you would like your sets to be before the beginning of the workout.

For those of you working through, or towards your first reps of muscle ups: this then becomes a RACE. You will want to move through your TTB elements as fast as you can to have the best tiebreak time. Use the remaining time to work on your bar muscle ups.

Scaled suggestions are similar to the above: save your grip and stay cognisant of the tie-break times.

Warm-up and Mobility

*ROMWOD and Power Athlete is subscription-based, however we believe they have some beneficial bits of information so have included it as well.

Final Reminders

We got the nerves and excitement of the start of this years open out last week and now it's time to stay the course. Remember that whether you're scaling or RX'ing this workout, there are elements that we can all do. We work to program gymnastic skill progressions into our weekly programming to help you gain some confidence for workouts like this; now is the test to how far you have come!

Here's to healthy hands, more dumbbells, and HOPEFULLY some barbells in the coming weeks.

Remember that we have a LOCATION CHANGE for Saturday's community Open workout- we will begin at 10 AM at 12L ANNAPOLIS