17.3 prep

The 2017 Open Prep Series: 17.3

We have had two dumbbell workouts in this open season and there is finally.... A BARBELL. In typical CrossFit fashion, however, there is also a gymnastics movement: pullups. We've put together our favorite reference pieces from around the web so that you can properly prepare for this workout.

What's the Workout?

A ladder of chest-to-bar pull-ups (or jumping pull-ups) and squat snatches. The weights and reps can be viewed on the standards video below, and reviewed in its entirety here.

Our list of helpful links

First things first, if you successfully saved your hands last week, make sure you do the same this week. Take some time to review our blog post about proper hand care before anything.


  • CrossFit Games HQ
  • Misfit Athletics (this is a little lengthier than last week- their main bits of information here can be found minutes 8-10)
  • The Athlete Daily
  • Training Think Tank (free subscription for Open announcement strategies and breakdowns. These can be super helpful for any level athlete. The link provided will get you to the subscription page)

The advice here varies depending on your snatching prowess. If you're looking to get to the latter rounds it is advised to stay smooth and consistent in the earlier rounds. Chest to bar reps should be quick but controlled. Know that you need to save your grip and your pull in the earlier rounds. Chest to bar pull-ups and squat snatches are two technical movements, so this couplet requires a little more concentration than the previous two weeks of workouts.

As mentioned during the live announcement, and in the above discussions we've posted- it might be tempting to go touch-and-go for some of the lighter snatch weights (because we want to channel our inner Matt Fraser). This should be done on a case-by-case basis. If you're trying to get faster tie-break times; just make sure it's paced enough to successfully complete your top round.

Fast singles seem to be the consensus in order to maintain proper technique and to save your legs and backs for the heavier rounds.

Scaled suggestions are similar to the above: save your grip and stay cognizant of the tie-break times.

Warm-up and Mobility

*ROMWOD and Power Athlete is subscription-based, however we believe they have some beneficial bits of information so have included it as well.

Final Reminders

While we can give you links on links of ideas on how to pace this workout, there is an element of knowing your tendencies as an athlete (that is why we train, right?). If your pull-ups will take some time, be smart from the beginning with sets. Make sure that you'll have time and energy to perform the snatch loads. If snatching- or the squat element- is more of a focus, make sure you have a proper warm up and enough time to properly set up for each rep.

This is a great workout to do surrounded by crowds, as we witnessed with Cole Sager. Let your friends and your judge fuel your fire and help you get your best score for YOU. Enjoy this workout and look forward to another week of awesome!

Remember that 17.3 will be at 12 Labours BWI. Heats will begin at 10AM.