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The Domino Effect: Goals, Life, Sport

There are 387,000 search results for “domino stacking,” and over 100,000 more for other domino combination terms. Within the results there are board games and YouTube videos highlighting some impressive- some even Guinness World Record- feats. The games and videos all take time to plan and execute. It is a practice in precision and patience; which bears a strong similarity between life, goals, and accomplishment. This is further explained by the domino effect.

The domino effect was originally used to illustrate the succession of communism in the 1950’s. Today, this concept explains how an intricately designed plan can increase power as it is executed.

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Lorne Whitehead first scientifically tested the theory in 1983 (America Journal of Physics Vol. 51, page 182 (1983). – pdf). In his study, he found that “a domino can knock over another domino about 1.5x larger” than the one before.

According to this, it would take 28 dominos to knock down the Empire State building and 31 if Mt. Everest were in front of you. (read more about the physics here)

Now, think of your goals and vision as dominos. Each domino is a step, or series of steps, that gets you closer to your desired space. While each step is proportionally larger than the one before, it represents astronomical change over time. Looking back at the first domino, then forward, will highlight the difference between where you start and where you are now. And the chain reaction all begins with a small push in the right direction.

The key to this however, is to respect the theory from the beginning to its (perceived) end-point. It is simple to start with an ambitious goal. The struggle or frustration sets in if you fail to remember that while you may be 15 dominos in, there are still 57 dominos between you and the moon.

  • The domino theory attempts to explain the compounding effect of steadfast commitment.
  • The domino games highlight the excitement of carefully planned designs but are quick to end.

The two elements combined represent you, your goals, and your personal path to accomplish them.

There may be a train of dominos between you and your goal, but unlike the games you are not just watching them fall and rebuilding. The domino effect of life is that we will always start small and will continually build. It is a journey to enjoy, while also valuing the outcome and what continues to happen around you. And each time a domino falls it is always a small push in the right direction.

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