The Open is about much more than the CrossFit Games

Five weeks, five workouts, worldwide attention on fitness.

This sounds like something that should happen year-round, but what exactly makes the CrossFit Open so special? For anyone new to this event, we’ll give you a quick high-level summary:

The Open is the first stage of a two-part process to reach the Reebok CrossFIt Games in Madison, Wisconsin (formerly hosted in Carson, California). Each workout during the five-week period is scored. If athletes place within the allotted spaces to advance, their next step is CrossFit Regionals. Their finish amongst the Region then determines if they advance to the pinnacle of tests: The Reebok CrossFit Games.

That is the most basic explanation; but if you’re intrigued, check out the CrossFit Games lowdown.

But we're here for more than that. Because the vast majority of us will be basking in the enjoyment of the Open. Which is the essence of what the CrossFit community represents.


So What

This year alone, the number of registered CrossFit affiliates has jumped from 13,000 in 2017 to 14,500 in 2018. If just 50 people participate from each box, or we assume that all 355,000 individuals enter the open again plus some, you’re looking at over 400,000 participants this year. This all adds up to one major five-week fitness party.

This also means, that while the Open is a first step for some, 360 individuals and 270 teams, most of us will enjoy watching the competition unfold after these five weeks. But your involvement isn’t about the main competition. It is a highlight of the strength within the CrossFit community.

You may even register for the Open and not look at the leaderboard once. And that is completely fine. But what you will probably do is surprise yourself with individual accomplishment; or help your fellow CrossFitter achieve something new. Whether you inspire friends, or you’re one to achieve a first- pull-up, muscle-up, overhead squat, etc. THAT is what the Open is about.

This just means that you will be tested with a little added pizazz of the open and not just a group class WOD. You’re doing the weekly class workout with the entire world of CrossFitters- what other sport gives you that opportunity? It’s like we all get to scrimmage with the Michael Jordan’s, Venus Williams’ of our sport.

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If you’re like any of the millions athletes who have tried and stuck with CrossFit training, you are a testament to the universal fitness philosophy changing the spectrum of wellness throughout the world. The sport is based around constantly varied, functional movements, high intensity, and a keen focus on nutrition. It has helped cure problematic health issues for many, and provided a home community for countless others. We celebrate every little victory, spend even more time with our gym friends during these five-weeks, and text our workout partners workout reactions every Thursday night.

So for many, the Open is about anything other than the leaderboard, and truly a celebration of everything that CrossFit has done for us.

We invite you to join in with the 12 Labours community and the world by registering for the 2018 CrossFit Games Open.

Head over to Games.CrossFit.com and register under your respective 12 Labours location. We'll be releasing Saturday Open locations soon.