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The Open is about You

From February 28- March 28, a celebration is in order. It's time to celebrate goals. To celebrate our fitness. To celebrate CrossFit. To celebrate 12 Labours. And to celebrate what we've achieved this year and what is soon to come.

If you follow CrossFit at all, you’ve probably seen a lot of hype regarding this event. But if you’re new to the scene, this idea may seem a little foreign. We’ll give you the lowdown on what the Open is, what it means for CrossFit boxes around the world, and what it means for you.

The CrossFit Games is essentially an elaborate bracket system (think March Madness). There are three layers of competition:

  • 1. The Worldwide Open
  • 2. Regionals
  • 3. The Games

The Open is a five-week, five-workout process that ends by determining which athletes rank high enough to advance to the next round, Regionals. There are seven Regional competitions that then determine the top athletes and teams that advance to the final round of competition- The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games (you can learn more about this process here

"At one point, YOU were doing the same workout at Regional and Games competitors."

While it’s fun to watch Regionals and the Games, the Open is arguably the most exciting part of this competition. Purely using the “the more the merrier” ideal, the Open is what makes the rest of the competitions so relatable. At one point, YOU were doing the exact same workout that these Regional and Games competitors had to do.

In the span of five weeks, you will share a similarity with millions. You will share the feeling of a challenging workout and maybe the joy of doing something you've never done before. Yes, this is a competition; but just like the original ideal of CrossFit, the goal is to measure YOUR fitness. With scaled and RX divisions, you are guaranteed to truly see what you are capable of.

New Open competitors may look at the process the same way a new swimmer looks at a body of water- it may seem scary at first, but when you jump right in, you'll probably learn how to swim.

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12 Labours Open Schedule

12 Labours CrossFit will be hosting the Open workouts every Saturday at 10 AM. We will only have one morning class at each location on Saturday (8 AM classes) where the workout will also be that weeks Open workout. See the locations schedule below to come workout with the group:

  • February 28: Annapolis
  • March 7: BWI
  • March 14: Columbia
  • March 21: Annapolis
  • March 28: BWI (Post-Open potluck party after the workout!)