The power to do more good: The Phoenix Emporium Story

The night of July 30, 2016 started as a typical Saturday evening but ended like no one could have possibly predicted.

That night, an "off the charts" flash flood absolutely devastated historic Ellicott City. Residential areas and businesses were all affected and continue to rebuild from the nearly 6" rainfall accumulated over a swift two hours.

While the initial shock of the events has since subsided, many families and businesses are still working to regain normalcy to their lives. As soon as the flood damage was known, the CrossFit community was already looking for ways to help others. If anything, we all know that we're capable of picking things up, putting them down, and using that ability for good.

Some took to the streets to help clean up old EC, and the 12 Labours crew looked for a way that we could directly help. After talking with Mark, the owner of Phoenix Emporium of Old EC, we knew this is how we wanted to contribute.


Mark owns The Phoenix Emporium, located on lower Main Street on the east side. It’s one of the many businesses that was greatly affected. This restaurant and bar has been operating since 1979 and has been a long time anchor for the community.

Instead of donating to a general fund, we wanted to help to accelerate the reopening of one business as much as we could. We’ve chosen to partner with Mark and The Phoenix, and will be holding a Partner WOD fundraiser event to raise money for The Phoenix.

The Workout

"Fitness for The Phoenix"

20 Minute AMRAP - Partner WOD

10 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

15 Burpees over the Bar

200m Run Each

***break up the C&Js and Burpees however you want, each person must run a 200m one at a time***

How to get involved:

Registration will have three options:

Team of 2 Ticket - This ticket means you have a buddy already and are registering a spot for both of you. 2 Tshirts, 2 ECStrong Car Magnets and 2 Swag Bag Raffle tickets included. All you need is the Tshirt size for both of you.

1 Person Ticket - This ticket is just a ticket for yourself, and we will match you up with someone the day of the event. T shirt, ECStrong Car Magnet and 1 Swag Bag Raffle ticket included.

I just want a Tshirt and Magnet - This means you just want to support The Phoenix by donating money and receiving a Tshirt and Magnet, and will not be participating in the workout.

All money will be going directly to The Phoenix Emporium!

We look forward to working out with you this weekend, and thank you for your continued support of 12 Labours and the community that fuels it.