The Resolution Games 2015: Registration now open!

It's baaaack! The inter-gym competition between all 12 Labours Locations is back for a second year, this time bigger and better. RX and Scaled individual divisions for men and women are available. This is a great way to compete amongst friends and see what it's like to do a competition whether you're brand new or a seasoned vet.

Judging opportunities available as well!

Challenge yourself and your workout buddies from all locations. This is a LIVE way to see how you stack up outside of the Wodify coachboard and is also a great way to gear up for The Open! Fun prizes, t-shirts, and cool tables are all perks of this community event exclusive to 12 Labours members.

Register HERE

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This competition is ONLY open to 12 Labours members

Ready to sign up? Consider which division (RX or Scaled)

RX REQUIREMENTS: These are working maxes- you should be able to complete a workout with these weights (you probably already have)

  • Male- 200 lb. Clean, 145 lb. Snatch, Pullups
  • Female- 125 lb. Clean, 95 lb. Snatch, Pullups

Register HERE

(Athletes and Volunteers follow the link)

A note on the requirements:

You should be able to perform the movements at this weight, you do not need to be able to touch-and-go the weight.

* If you consistently perform the RX fitness/sport workouts, the RX division will be good for you.