The Road to the Games continues....

The training methodology of CrossFit is one reason why members continually join and stick with their regimen. But many athletes may also find that their best friends, and strongest bonds, are forged with those who workout right beside them.

The concept shines light onto CrossFits military ties but also to the community and camaraderie that surrounds the sport. When CrossFit ReVamped and 12 Labours Columbia opened their doors five years ago- they were neighboring businesses. Fast-forward to 2017 and the two gyms are no longer neighbors, but have managed to build up the Columbia, Maryland CrossFit community with impressively fit athletes with a loyal local and global following.

Both gyms have sent individual (ReVamped) and team (12 Labours) athletes to the CrossFit Games in the past. This year, both facilities are sending a team of six athletes to the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI.

To celebrate this feat, we have decided to join forces as a collective CrossFit community- the foundation of this sport.

This Saturday, July 22 from 10AM-1PM

we will take part in the "Road with the Fittest" event at CrossFit ReVamped. We have partnered with various vendors and sponsors to build a celebration worthy of this significance. And also to thank every single athlete who has ever walked through our doors, or supported our cause.

The event will also serve as a fundraiser for these teams to travel to Madison and compete- both representing their respective gyms, but also representing Columbia, MD as a whole.

You can participate by being a part of the workout (sign-ups are below), entering the raffle drawing, using any of the on-site vendors, or a combination of those things listed.

We will be raffling off over $10k worth of prizes, a glimpse of which you can find below. The outpouring of support from friends, family, and companies who have become some of our nearest and dearest- is extremely humbling every year. We are excited to have such awesome brands and products supporting our goals.

These gyms- these facilities- these communities- wouldn't be possible without people who share the same vision. That vision is to help others discover their true potential. Sure, it starts with the physical aspect, but that typically blossoms into much more. To anyone who has embarked on a CrossFit journey with us, we hope you have found what you are looking for- and hopefully a little more along the way.

This weekend, while we are celebrating the athletes who will compete in Madison- we are truly honoring the community that has helped us grow.