TOP 5: Summer CrossFit Essentials

The heat is here! With that, brings a slew of new challenges for athletes. From apparel, hydration, and additional reminders; we've compiled a list of our top five summer essentials to get you through the warmest months.

1. Double Wall Water Bottle

While it's always important to stay properly hydrated, keeping up with your water intake is especially necessary in the heat. Physical activity, sweating, and extreme heat contribute to a much more rapid loss of water. Thus, keep a water bottle at your desk throughout the workday so you're ready for the evening class.

Working out in the morning? Make sure to have water before your workout.

Prevent condensation with a double wall water bottle. These are also usually insulated. "Sweat" free, cold water is always a plus in the summer. Some examples of this water bottle style are:

1. Contigo

2. Hydroflask

2. Bug & Sun Protection

Protect your skin this summer with two essentials: sunscreen and mosquito repellant.

There are a couple of considerations to make while choosing these items. It's advised to use 'active' brands that will stay on even while you're sweating. Ideally, it will be a quick-dry application that won't cause any interference with your workout. We're listing all-natural options, however the basic water repellent sunscreens will work great too.

1. Badger Balm

2. Sun Bum

The best option for bug spray is a bracelet. This handy tool lasts over 100 hours, which should get you through the summer.

3. Towels

It's a sweaty world out there. During the workout and after intense WODs, you're going to need to dry off. A simple cotton towel will do the job, or you can get a performance towel similar to one's used by divers and swimmers.

You may also want to use this towel (or another one) as a seat cover to protect the interior of your car. It's usually ideal to avoid having your car smell like a gym bag.

4. Tank Tops


It's time to flex those hard-earned muscles. Use your scissor skills to repurpose your t-shirts. There are thousands of options for different styles, you can let your creativity and scissors go crazy. The simple thing to do is simply cut the sleeves off.

There are also numerous CrossFit friendly shirt companies that make stylish and catchy tank styles for guys and gals. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Move Fast Lift Heavy

Caffeine and Kilos


Compete Everyday

5. Headbands

Sweat is salty. Sweat in your eyes is still salty. Prevent the burn with a buffer; a headband. You can go simple with a terrycloth sweat band or kick it up with a wicking fabric. Nike, Under Armour, and lululemon athletica all have multiple versions.

CrossFit Games official partner (and MAAC partner) is Junk Brand headbands. Your options are endless!

Gear up, stay cool, and enjoy this summer of training.