TOP 5: Why Fran is so important to CrossFit

Asking a CrossFitter their Fran time is similar to asking a lifter their max bench press. Maybe the workout is so well known because it is one of the first workouts developed by Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit. But one thing is for certain- Fran is very difficult to forget.

The workout is a classic CrossFit couplet- two movements performed consecutively: thrusters and pullups, to a rep scheme: 21-15-9.


This Bechmark WOD is part of "The Girls” in which Glassman developed because, “Any workout that leaves you flat on your back wondering what just happened, deserves a girls name.” That’s a little humor for you regarding the history of Fran, but if you want to know the true story, check out the Glassman story:

While Fran has a notorious reputation inside and outside the CrossFit community, the rawness of this workout reveals some common truths of this sport:

1. It's deceivingly simple

Two movements, a three-part rep scheme- you should be done in less than 10 minutes… doesn’t seem too difficult. We aren’t saying this to scare you, we’re saying this to prepare you- sometimes the workouts that look easy, are actually the complete opposite.

2. It's not glamorous

You probably are going to feel lost for the first 30 seconds-5 minutes post workout. You’re going to be sweaty, you might have to fix your hair, your attire, and your makeup might get smeared. There’s no secret behind CrossFit- the workouts are hard work, and that is the ultimate beauty of it.

3. It's not easy

Every day you step through the doors, you are accepting the challenge to push yourself. Every day you move outside of your comfort zone, you take steps towards becoming better. You will have to push yourself to get there- and that’s what your fellow athletes and coaches are here for.

4. It's rewarding

CrossFIt prides itself on measureable fitness with noticeable results. You will not be a “one-and-done” Fran exerciser. If you continue to do CrossFit, chances are you’ll meet Fran multiple times throughout your career. And each time, you’ll get more efficient, stronger, and/or faster at an element of the workout.

5. It's better together

There’s something very primal about group workouts. Whether you’re doing Fran, or just coming in for a weekly WOD, grinding through the workout alongside someone doing the exact same thing makes it more tolerable. You may find that you form bonds and friendships with your fellow WODmates that are unmatched in other friendships. If this happens because of Fran, you’re welcome.