USAW American Open and Strength Recap

This past weekend, multiple 12 Labours athletes set out to prove to others and themselves what they were capable of, the results: they’re pretty freaking strong. Some athletes competed in the 2014 American Open, other strength athletes retested their totals. A summary of their accomplishments is listed below.


Melissa Copeland

This athlete has been a mainstay on the Powerlifting circuit for a few years and made her presence known at the American Open. She has documented her training on her Iron Authroity blog page: http://ironauthority.com/category/ironathletes/melissatraining/

Not only did she win “Best Female Raw Lifter,” she also broke the American Record for back squat at 451 lbs. Her other numbers include: 445 lb. deadlift and 237 lb. bench press.

Kendall Luz

Another record-breaking 12 Labours lifter is Kendall Luz. This 16-year-old firecracker broke a 6-year old American Record in the bench press at 144.4 lbs! Her other numbers include 231 lb. back squat and 259 lb. deadlift.

Jared Reece

12 Labours barbell coach Jared Reece represented the men as he broke the Junior State Junior 110 Kg. Class Record with a 541 lb. squat. His other numbers include 330 lb. bench press, 496 deadlift.

Coach Jared practices what he preaches. While other strength athletes competed on the national stage, the 12 Labours Barbell Strength crew tested their totals and got some pretty awesome results. The entire class hit new Personal Records for themselves from the first strength cycle of this year. Jared and new members of the 12 Labours Barbell program started Foundations this week- already breeding a new group for the strength program!

We are very excited and proud of the accomplishments of this group; it is a reminder that the glory of these achievements comes from dedication and training when no one is watching. The goal is to get stronger in every sense of the word. Everything that happens as a result of this pursuit is a gem in the journey. Whether you start out as a former athlete or are brand new to this style of fitness, chances are if you put in the time, the results will come.